A Channel Fireball

Misleading blog post topic aside, one advantage of computer-assisted/generated techniques in animation is that we no longer are at the mercy of the artist at the canvas. Life is no longer an image, but a set of vectors and rules governing motion. It means two things.

Fireworks that no longer looks like moving neon lights.

No longer being able to call out on cheap animation when a manzai comedy anime take place entirely within the same setting, with the same characters.

I’m squarely in the camp of embracing my future overlords today.


6 responses to “A Channel Fireball

  • Shinmaru

    I am with you in embracing our mechanical overlords.

    Also, now that I think about it, I’m getting BioShock vibes from our new, polite robot friend.

  • 2DT

    Wonderful post, short and sweet. :)

  • omo

    I appreciate your comments dudes. And that helmet rig is Bioshock-ish, yes.

  • dm

    There will still be art, though I guess it will be in the directing more than the draftsmanship. Or, not even directing, but puppetry (the Japanese have a long tradition of that, too.

  • omo

    I thought about it right after i hit publish. It’s like being able to see it from the viewers’ eyes versus seeing it from the creator’s eyes? I see the former the point of the craft and the latter as a limitation.

  • Mushyrulez

    I’ll bet in ten years time people will want to go back to the simple times.

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