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Year in Review: N-Listing

So, the tradition continues. 12 lists of 12 things. Some are ranked, others are not. One this year is not ranked but merely numerated.

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Run Ichika Run

Ok, so it finally made sense. Ichika is someone that unites the girls in their simple goal of… winning for whatever their hearts desire. Revenge, currying favor, satisfaction, confidence, whatever it is that drives the multi-national cast, all for one, one for all. It’s a pretty neat theme. Thanks, episode 11.

In that sense, Infinite Stratos is an exceedingly appropriate anime during a time of crisis in Japan. Japan needs our help, so France, Germany, China and the UK are going to step up to the plate and help ’em out right?

In the “final” ending sequence, people are running in sync. In the previous ones, Ichika ran at the same pace only with one other girl at a time. Who knew running would bring it all together? I guess it would be something I noticed earlier if I wasn’t spending all my time staring at Charlotte’s legs.

Other random comments about Infinite Stratos ED:

  • The Japanese chick is the tallest and biggest! Wau, what a bold statement.
  • Only if all the English chicks are oujosamas.
  • Wait, if Laura’s pants are designed like the skirts, why aren’t Orimura’s?
  • I like this seiyuu ensemble thing. Anime otakus do, too, generally. I think I’ve liked them like, every season. Or do I just like Marinajou’s and Hiyocchi’s vocals?
  • There’s no way they are running at the same speed, since their legs are of different lengths.

I guess I’ll leave the obvious LOL-American (not quite anti-American) and the usual nationalist slants to someone else.

Death Loli Survey

By “loli” I mean it in whichever broadest way I could have used it in a serious manner.

The strange thought came after viewing Infinite Stratos 8. Actually, it started a few weeks ago when someone made an off-comment about the lack of DFC in the series, to the extent that “wait, is it just China?” China’s representative herself is not exactly flat; probably just closer to normal for a high school student. Soon enough we were fixed of this with the appearance of France and Germany. One is magically flat, the other flat by archetype. And that is the archetype I want to talk about today: the killing machine loli.

There had been a fair number of the loli-born-of-science over the years. I think the all-time iconic stoic deadpan tsurupettan still is Ruri Hoshino, in her original, pre-teen tsukkomi self. Granted, she was not particularly violent, but when combined with some super computers in battleships, the results don’t leave much to your imagination. Evangelion’s Rei is another all-time favorite, so I won’t go into how she’s any different.

German-chan, or Laura, has a backstory that is slightly spoiler, although I don’t think it matters; so bear with me. I think she stands more in line with Gundam00’s stoics better, who inherits from their generational Zeon experiments, starting from the original ethereal space beauty, Lalah Sune.  To cut to the chase, I think Zeonism is pretty much drawn from Nazism, if only in some vague sense. German-chan would fit right at home.

On the other hand, I have a hard time coming up with an American death loli. In fact the only loli of any sort that I could think of is the all-American fujoshi, Susie Hopkins. And even so, she’s not exactly loli by definition. So where are they?

I mean Italy has a whole line of deadly lolis (and probably bonus point to Russia and maybe even..Tunisia? Netherlands?). Where are the French, Spanish or English ones? Well, they’re probably out there, just none coming to mind right now. I’m not well-versed in this subject matter, so it’s an arduous task for me. Can you help?

Also I wonder if this has any connection with Japan’s national stereotypes of foreign nationalities. It probably does, but it’s a subject for another day.